Thursday, February 7, 2013

Couples Massage Valentine's Special

                         It was so fun putting together this video to help those who have never had a couples massage get an idea of what it's like. This is one of my favorite services to book because if I just receive a massage and my partner is stressed and in pain, somehow it takes my relaxation away pretty quick. Guys don't usually like going to spas or beauty salon type places so having it at your home might make it a more appealing idea to get a couples massage. If he wants to pass it up there is no reason why ladies shouldn't hint that they would sure love a massage. I think that women are very surprised when their husbands secretly arrange a couples massage... knock knock, she opens the door, the massage therapists hands her flowers and yummy chocolate's. Guys get big points for Valentine's with the help of Humboldt Mobile Massage. Give it a try!

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