Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creative Romantic Escapes with Humboldt Mobile Massage

 It is so fun to have witnessed all the creative ways our clients have set up surprises for their sweethearts with Humboldt Mobile Massage. Here is a few of our favorite stories and I added a couple tips from us on how to set up your own romantic escape. Have fun! Get creative!

One client of ours had their neighbor let us into the house while they were out to dinner. We set up in their living room with candles and then surprise! they arrived home from dinner and we welcomed the couple to relax and enjoy a wonderful massage together. Her husband was amazed at how a spa had entered his living room while he was eating dinner.

Trindad Vacation Minutes from Home
Last month we did a couple's massage in a vacation rental for a lovely pair in Trinidad, Ca. To our surprise they were locals and they were creating a Romantic Escape just minutes from their home. Their kids were at home with Grandpa and they were on vacation!

Simple but Meaningful
A regular couple that enjoyed massages from us did a take out dinner every time they got massages so they didn't have to cook and could sit down and eat after their massages.

Tips from HMM

1) Find or create a place that is warm, use a blanket or fabric to cover up electronics or Television, turn off cell phones, house phone ringer and hang a note on the door please do not disturb. ( We have a studio if home isn't the right place)

 2) Buy a bag of tea candles and round up your candles and set them up all around the room.

3) Ask for essential oils in your treatment if you both like relaxing natural oils.

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