Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Signs of Stress and Pain and Quick Helpful Solutions

     As a massage therapist and small business owner I feel the stress of others and have my own stresses that mountain up. There has been many time's I didn't notice when I was in need of a rescue so I thought this blog could help us see those warning signs so we can act quicker before our health is affected.

What signs to look for in your mind, body, and spirit that call for a Helpful solution!

Mind Rescue Signs
    A particular event that happened at work is circulating in your mind over and over and it won't go away, the first evening is okay but if you can't shake it by the next evening this is a warning sign.
 Helpful solution: 
1. Go for a brisk walk and keep your mind on the scenery, every little house and  the landscape, if at night focus on the lights and sounds.(bring light weights or water bottles to pump your arms and distract you)
2. Allow yourself 10 minutes to discuss issue with a loved one. Ask them if you could have their attention for only 10 min Tip: Tell them up front if you need to vent (listen only) or would like feedback(listen and comment) Don't bring it up again that evening.
Service Recommendation: Lomi-Lomi Massage intentions are to help the mind move forward and let the past go.

Body Rescue Signs
 Breathing is Shallow: You feel like you can't get an adequate breath. Your breath is not full but quick and shallow.
 Pain is Increasing: certain areas that have ached in the past few days are increasing in pain with no sign of relief.
  Helpful solution: Take a hot epsom salt bath and focus on your breath, no bath tub, call Cafe Mokka 707 822-2228 or your local gym and do a jacuzzi or sauna.(epsom salts can be found at CVS)
Service Recommendation: Therapeutic full body with abdominal massage and Reflexology

Spirit Rescue Signs
 Feeling Overwhelmed, low energy, arguing with your loved ones, edgy, sensitive for more than 1 day.
Helpful Solution: Schedule "me time" what ever you can do in your schedule but make it as long as possible, this is critical. Decide on what you need for a recharge and do it. (My personal "me time" is to go to the Arcata Community Pool and swim, then take myself out to lunch. I choose to do it alone so I can be with myself and not entertaining or scheduling with someone else.)
 Service Recommendation: Request a custom massage with nice music (slow instrumental), a blend of Reiki and Cranial Sacral (calming and refreshing your energy) your desired massage pressure and focus.

I hope this blog helps you live a happier healthier life day to day,

Nicole Vincent, owner of Humboldt Mobile Massage